Why learn Chinese?


Five ways your child benefit from Mandarin learning:


Helps the development of brain

Research indicates that learning Chinese stimulates very different parts of the brain. Learning English or a Latin-based language utilizes the left temporal lobed of brain, whereas Chinese utilizes both areas of the brain and increases cognitive connections which helps make connections with learning in other areas.

Develop accurate hearing and interpretation of sounds

Chinese is tonal language. The familiarity of tones and sounds helps cultivate musical ability in children.

Better Interpretation of symbols

Since Mandarin writing relies on thousands of characters, learners of Mandarin Chinese must read and interpret a vast number of visual symbols, activating more regions on the phonetic alphabet.

Improve Hand-eye Coordination

While most Latin-based languages are written in one direction, the act of writing Mandarin characters requires brush or pen strokes in multiple directions, with differentiating hand pressure. Writing in this way has been shown to improve fine motor skills and spatial recognition in children.

An important skill for the future career

With the economic growth of China and the proximity of China and Australia, it would give your Children more advantages if they had some background knowledge of Mandarin and Chinese Culture.